Last Group ReadingRebus Project Report: thyme to go

Thursday’s meeting was our most candid and productive yet.  By Sunday, we seemed to have grown fully into our roles and responsibilities and delivered what we need for the presentation.  We still have fantastical dreams for the site, but voting collectively using the 0-3 rating system made our core-rebus-artifact group and their relevant categories for tags and metadata emerge clearly.  We took many of the class responses to heart and decided to embrace the visual delights of the project enthusiastically.

At the same time, getting the essay drafts was like a birthday party for me: I hadn’t realized my co-workers had been thinking such interesting thoughts throughout the semester.  Of course, I’d caught glimpses: however, the different minds, personalities, and sources of pleasure that we each bring to the project can best be seen in those individual explorations and explanations.

Hence, the project embodies what the early moderns called a “Raccolta” or a “gathering”: a synonym for the English “anthology” but one that resembles a harvest rather than a single-minded collection.  Or, to borrow a Renaissance trope used by Montaigne (and StarTrek, Seneca, et al), our results are the workings of a sort of hive-mind: individually “[t]he bees plunder the flowers here and there, but afterward they make of them honey, which is all theirs; it is no longer thyme or marjoram” [“On the Education of Children”].

In sum, I need not have worried about scarcity or drones; we have 30 + rebuses that received a top ranking from all members.  If we eventually add the ones that got a single good (2), not great (3), among the highest marks, we will have 80+.  All this inspires us to keep feeding  the project collaboratively over the summer, from our various fields: seeing if we can attract more social media attention now that Twitter has allowed us to post again, and developing more sub-themes and ludic experiences for our audiences—and ourselves.


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