Personal Blog #1: A buttonhole bouquet

Our team has had a productive first week! I’m thrilled at the ease in which everyone has jumped on board to offer ideas, take notes, volunteer for tasks and express excitement over the project we are embarking on. Mostly, I’m happy to let go of my original Rebus project and finally have a team to work with! I believe this particular project will have a better outcome with multiple voices. Bianca, Rachel, Ostap and Matt each have their own superhero skills and interests. I can only hope we all don’t get sick of rebuses by the end 😉 

It’s a daunting task beginning a project. I find it difficult to set aside time to actually work on it. It’s not like the normal course readings where I can easily sit for a few hours at the desk and read. When I do set aside time, I’m overwhelmed at all the possible things I could be doing – taking notes, brainstorming, research, surfing the internet for rebuses, designing, developing, etc. I haven’t sunk into a routine yet so looking forward to making that happen (I think).


  • Our collaborator’s agreement is concise, yet definitive. I like that we managed to leave off the idea of “penalties” and also included a sentence that we need to remember to have fun (thanks Bianca)! 
  • Our first group meeting outside of class was long and productive. We probably could have gone on for longer but it’s better to maintain our mental sanity at this point.
  • Getting into a groove on our Discord server. Everyone is finding really interesting things on the interwebs. Even if it’s something we don’t end up using on the project, it’s all good, and it’s a great way to get to know each other (looking forward to more of this).
  • After doing some switching, our roles are finally established but in all honesty, we’ll all be contributing to each others’ roles.
  • Revised proposal to add team members’ ideas.
  • An agenda for the next class meeting – research and timeline discussion.

Signing off with a rebus sent to us by Eva @esibinga whose friend on IG sold a hand-drawn rebus card collection for 6k!

rebus = a buttonhole bouquet

“a buttonhole bouquet” – this one was not too difficult to solve!

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