Journal Entry 1

We had a good start to our project, NYC Community Fridges Archive. I am very excited to be a part of this project and be working with my teammates on board. First things we discussed were roles and methods of communication. The magic of group work is that there could be a person in the group who is very much interested in doing a task you dread 🙂 Not to mean I dread any task 🙂  (really, I’ll do whatever it takes to get a project done, especially if I am this excited about it) but as is in this case, I would much rather be a developer and researcher (I am also in charge of IRB and Media Lab application) than the writer or social media person. In short, I am very satisfied at the moment with our division of tasks- and I feel like we all are. Not to mention, we are all willing to chip in if and when needed, to help one another out. We  also will soon meet Micki and Digital Fellows, which I think we are all looking forward to. Community spirit and good vibes all around. 

Secondly, we picked our means of communication/organization – we use Trello for scheduling and keeping track of tasks, Slack for instant communication/brainstorming, and email for sharing docs and communication about main tasks, and have scheduled a regular weekly Zoom meeting for brainstorming, tying things up, and making decisions. It has been working well so far. Our project plan has been taking shape and I have a much better idea of what we will need to do in the coming days/weeks. I find creating that schema in your head/solidifying the action plan to be a critical part of any project, so I feel good in that sense. Looking forward to solidifying things more, defining deliverables, and building our beautiful project.